Friday, 6 February 2009

Enough's enough !

I have had enough now. Today has been miserable, I know we have been lucky and not had the disruption and inconvenience that many have suffered, but I am fed up with it being so wet, slushy underfoot, with the wind being so cold and everything being frozen. The poor animals are sulking, there is far too much mud, indoors and outdoors, my husband is restricted in his work, we need sun !!

Still all this is nothing compared to those who have been without electricity, those who have been unable to get out and those stuck in their cars overnight at Haldon Hill. One poor lady was stranded in her car with her two young children, both who were unwell. Another gave birth to twins whilst stranded !!!

What's a bit of mud, after all ?

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Anonymous said...

i agree! I've had enough now too.. but also... luckier than some!