Sunday, 1 February 2009

Biting winds ...snow forecast

Today has been bitter, the wind biting right through you.Wind is the worst weather for the livestock, they can cope with most weather conditions but seem to hate the wind, especially the geese.

The poor hens were being constantly battered and blown across the field until they admitted defeat and huddled together in the small ark I use for broodies.The sheep spent most of the day in the stable eating hay rather than venture outside for what meagre grass we have. Only my husband braved the cold and spent the afternoon installing his weather station onto the new shed. So now not only do I feel the cold, I know I'm cold because the little gadget in the kitchen tells me the up to date wind chill factor, along with the minimum temperature, the maximum, the wind speed and the amount of rain etc.etc. I'm not sure if it can measure the depth of snow we are forecast to have. Mind you living close to the coast we are more likely to have rain than snow..a shame really as the child in me still likes snow.

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